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Recognizing Excellence in Radiation Therapy: Tiffany Norris

November 10, 2020

In recognition of National Radiologic Technology Week, we are highlighting Tiffany Norris. Tiffany has been a Radiation Therapist for 15 years and is a valuable member of the Southeast Health team in Dothan, AL. We talked about her choice of radiation therapy for a profession, which is rooted in a singular focus – do something to make a difference in people’s lives.


"This isn't a job to just go to work and punch in and out. This is a mission field where we are getting to be a part of the healing process for patients in the lowest, most vulnerable time of their lives."

The role radiation therapists play in a patient's journey is incomparable, and they inspire daily through their dedication to the treatment experience. She advises anyone interested in making this career choice to do your research.


"Core to this position is not a specific skill – it’s Character. It is empathy and compassion. We don't view our patients as just a number – they are family.”

Tiffany spoke at length about the personal nature of a radiation therapist’s interactions and relationships with every patient.


“One of my patients was the Fire Chief for a Volunteer Fire Department. I told him my five-year-old at the time was obsessed with being a firefighter. He invited my two young sons and my husband and me to ride on the fire trucks during an upcoming parade. We got to ride in several parades with this patient over the years and became dear friends."


The meaningful relationships formed between the patient and radiation therapists highlight the impacts they can have each day.

"Since becoming a Radiation Therapist, I have had to opportunity to treat my own family members and close family friends.


There is nothing better than knowing you are a tool to help in the well-being of someone dear to you. Serving the needs and caring for people in their most critical hour is an absolute gift."

Tiffany, your dedication to your patients is inspiring! We sincerely appreciate all you do for cancer patients and for your willingness to share your insights with us this week.

About RSA

RSA is a privately-owned company founded in 1995 and based in North Carolina. They are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified independent service provider for radiotherapy equipment, most notably external beam linear accelerators (Varian, Elekta, Siemens). For over 25-years, RSA has supported the oncology community by delivering responsive, personable, and proactive service to help clients deliver their best care. Learn more about their company, their culture, and their services at We look forward to meeting you!

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