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Varian upgrades main thyratron in linacs from the CX1140LG to the CX1140LGC

Varian has upgraded the main thyratron model used in their machines from the CX1140LG to the CX1140LGC. Please don't be alarmed! The new model fits into your existing machine with minor modifications. The old and new models are electrically identical and can be used with both the new round sockets and the old square sockets.

RSA now has stock of the new CX1140LGC thyratrons as well as a limited number of the older CX1140LGs. To learn more about this change, please see the message from Teledyne e2V below.

- Message from Teledyne e2V -

Teledyne e2v continually looks to improve its products following feedback from customers and end users. From time to time we will release an updated version of a thyratron. Teledyne e2v has released the CX1140LGC thyratron which supersedes the CX1140LG.

• The CX1140LGC thyratron is electrically identical with the same fit and function as the CX1140LG.

• This version of the thyratron has the addition of three clips attached to the base cap to secure it to the MA91C

• This slightly modified version provides additional confidence that the thyratron is secured whilst in service.

• The clips can be removed to ensure the CX1140LGC is compatible with earlier linear accelerators.

• The CX1140LG can continue to be used until your stocks are depleted, at which time switch to the CX1140LGC.


RSA is the official distributor for Te2V products in North America. If you need a replacement tube and are tired of paying OEM prices, feel free to reach out to us!

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